Staff Bio

Inez Barbour is at the helm of this trendy yet, professional establishment. Inez has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and it is not just something she does for a living, it is a way of life, and second nature for her.

Since childhood, Inez has always loved makeup. Growing up in the country, trips to town revolved around what was new in the beauty salons. Finding the perfect shade of lipstick, blush and eye shadow to match a season or an outfit quickly became a favorite pastime. Over the years, Inez's passion for cosmetics grew and eventually evolved into her very own cosmetic company.

La Paz Cosmetics was launched in 1980 with the discovery of L'Paige lipsticks, our featured product line. When Inez found a lipstick that would change colors upon application and truly stay on all day long, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to start a business doing something she loved. With long lasting color that won't dry your lips out, L'Paige lipsticks have withstood the test of time and continue to be our biggest seller. In 2010, the company name was changed from La Paz Cosmetics to Inez Cosmetics, leaving all products the same.

Inez Cosmetics was founded on good old fashion values and hard work. Inez isn't just the owner she is the woman that will get the job done right, on time, and as promised or better. Her experience, dedication, and love for the industry has built Inez Cosmetics into the company it is today. We love our cosmetics and we are confident that you will too! A southern belle never goes out without looking her best and Inez will help you look yours!


Inez Cosmetics

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