At Inez Cosmetics, our customers' satisfaction is very important. We only sell quality products and service. We've included a few testimonials below from customers who wrote us to say thanks.

"Thank you for your assitance and your prompt phone call concerning the L'Paige lipsticks. I think it is the most wonderful discovery I've made in a long time. Several members of my family are interested in ordering too." Thanks again for your help, Sue C.

"I orginally got your lipstick at the Southern Women's Convention and a tube lasted me close to a year! I love it -- it's the best lipstick I've ever used! Keep making it! " Thanks, Sherry T.

"It was really nice to chat with you this morning. I'm glad I found you because as I said on the phone, your L'Paige lipsticks are the best on the market. Nothing comes close to L'Paige in terms of smear-resistance, staying power and texture. In short, I LOVE IT!!!
I'm happy to be placing this order and I look forward to receiving the lipsticks very soon. Please include any brochures on any of your other products. Thank you." Sincerely yours, Sally B.

"My sister and I are very pleased with your eight-hour lipstick. We were at the Big-E Fair in Springfield, Mass. and thought we would try it, It really works the way you say it does!!" Thank you, Vivian H.

"Thank your for your product. I have looked for years to find a lipstick that would stay on longer than 5 minutes and your product is great." Thanks again. P.S. I'd like 6 more tubes!

"I have a few helpful hints to pass on to other Sjogren's patients.
I have been taking Salagen to add moisture to my mouth and tongue, but it didn't help my dry lips. Last year, at a festival in Tampa, I tried your lipstick. It has been wonderful! I now have soft lips and the color stays on for a long time. It has been such a relief to my lips." Thank you for all the help, Pat J.

"Thank you so much. I love the #20 BETTER! It will be my new order next year. Now that is good customer service. I was a customer service rep for 25 years so I am always delighted to meet another rep that goes the extra mile to please their customer, and you certainly did that. You have secured my business for years to come!" Jeri V., Canaan, CT

"Your lipstick is #1! My favorite beauty product! Discovered you almost 19 years ago in Springfield, MA, at the Big E. Please do not every discontinue my favorite beauty product! I wear it every day and get so many compliments on it! You’re #1 and you rock!" Jill D., Naples, FL