All of our products are the result of animal/cruelty free testing.

L’Paige Lipsticks: Our lipstick is hypo-allergenic and fortified with soothing aloe vera to prevent drying out your lips. Please store in a cool dark place when not in use.

Changeable Shades: We have six main changeable long lasting shades and four split sticks. These lipsticks adhere to the unique pH of your skin and change colors based on your specific body chemistry. These lipsticks last an incredibly long time and the color stays on your lips and will not transfer to whatever your lips touch. They are a great base to blend with a designer shade or simply wear alone. A typical range of color is listed for each changeable lipstick. However, it is difficult to tell how these shades will look on you because it is different for everyone. If you haven’t tried these before, may we suggest choosing a split stick so you may test two colors on their own and together as well.

Designer Shades: We offer 52 designer shades to choose from. The designer shades are also extremely long lasting but tend to rub off before the changeable shades will. There are 7 split sticks in our designer shades. These allow the wearer to play with the shade of these lipsticks by using a predominate side.

Lip/Eye/Brow Liners: Our liners are the traditional pencil type. These liners glide on easily and blend well with smudger tool. Try our Inez Cosmetics liner sharpeners too! These sharpeners, made in Germany, will not rust and stay sharp for years to come.

Lip Gel & Lip Sparklettes: Our lip gel and sparklettes each come in a squeezable tube with a round application top. These are perfect for added shine. There are 5 shades of lip gel and 9 shades of sparklettes to choose from. Layer or wear alone for added shine or sparkle.

Lip Gloss: Our lip gloss is also infused with aloe vera and comes in a cylinder with application wand. There are 7 shades to choose from.

Blush: Highlight your cheek bones with one of 14 shades of blush to choose from. Find the perfect color for any season. The smallest amount goes a long way.

Eye Shadow: Each of our 11 shades of eye shadow lend a very subtle shine with the exception of E602 – Biscuit, which is more matte. This shade is perfect for a base color. Make your eyes pop!

Eye Shadow Base/Concealer: Use this base as a primer before applying eye shadow. Eye shadow base can help coverage last longer while concealing fine lines and dark circles.

Loose Mineral Powder: Like most loose-powder mineral foundations, this one is packaged in a screw-top sifter jar and requires a fluffy powder brush for even application. Mineral foundation offers a more natural solution compared to other base makeup. It will not clog pores and can offer a variety of coverage depending on the application brush and layer amount. Try using our Kabuki brush to apply all types of powder foundation.

Collage Mineral Powder: We offer our collage mineral powder in two shades. These pressed powders are a blend of complimenting colors to highlight the curves of your face. Perfect for a quick no-fuss mineral makeup application with medium to light coverage.

Floral Shimmer Facial Powder: These pressed powders come in two beautiful shades. Use for added shimmer on all areas of face. Perfect for blush topper over cheek bones and under eyes. Adds a natural, youthful glow.

Sun Touched: This is our bronzer. Apply on forehead, chin, and cheekbones for a sun kissed look in any season. Sun Touched comes as a pressed powder only.

Natural Translucent Pressed Powder: This powder is perfect as a finishing cover for all types of foundation. It adds a very subtle glow while blending into foundation. Use over foundation or alone for a light finish.

Picture Perfect Foundation: If there is ever a moment to wear foundation and concealer, picture time is it. This cream foundation evens out blotchy skin, minimizes shadows, and reduces redness in a way that you'll appreciate once you get your prints back. Hands down the best full coverage cream foundation you will find. When applied with a sponge, this foundation creates a medium to full coverage picture perfect foundation for most skin types. Comes in a clear jar with black view cover. Check out the Picture Perfect Foundation color chart. If we don’t carry a color you want, we can order it for you.

Velvet Veil: Velvet Veil is an extremely versatile product. This light lotion is recommended as a base for any foundation to create a smooth finish under any concealer. Use all over the body for a silky smooth softness like you’ve never felt before. Can also be applied to hair to tame fly-aways and create a soft shine. One of our best-selling products! Once you try it, you are sure to love it!

Wide Awake Caffeine Eye Cream: Caffeine is known to stimulate cell metabolism and increase circulation to brighten dark circles. Vitamins A & C provide anti-oxidant benefits. Anti-inflammatory, caffeine reduces swelling, alleviating dark puffy circles. Use at night to illuminate under eye areas.

Essence of Soy Facial Cream: Packed with amino-acid-rich soy proteins, which retain moisture, and support natural collagen synthesis and natural cell turnover to encourage smoother, firmer, more radiant skin. Apply all over face and throat. Appropriate for day or night use with or without make up.

Picture Perfect Foundation

Scroll over the names to view the color.

Kabuki Brush
F175 Bone
F181 Touch of Beige
F182 Creamy Beige
F185 Supreme Beige
F178 Sheer Tan
F179 Suntan
F176 Desert Sand
Tropical Beige
Fresco Olive
Whipped Cream
Dusk Olive
Sand Olive
Sheer Tan
Touch of Beige
Lumiere Olive
Virtual Olive
Veil Olive
Supreme Beige
Ginger Beige
Creamy Beige
China Mist
Rich Tan
Golden Olive
Passion Beige
Desert Sand
Olive Glow
Natural Olive
Universal Beige
Affectionate Bronze
Tropical Beige
Almond Joy
Shell Olive
Cafe Tan
Sun Worship Tan
Sugar Chocolate
Worship Tan
Moonlight Chocolate
Roasted Chestnut
Twilight Chocolate
Rich Suede
Evening Chocolate

Changeable Lipstick Colors

Scroll over the names to view the color.

Green (Dark Pink)
Blue (Deep Pink to Burgandy)
Yellow (Shades of Coral)
White (Soft Rose to Pink)
Brown (Raspberry to red)
Black (Deep Wine to Magenta)
#10 - Yellow/White
#11 - Black/White
#12 - Brown/Yellow
#14 Green/White

Designer Lipstick Shades

Scroll over the names to view the color.

#1 - Red Strawberry
#2 - Grape Ice
#3 - Azalea Pink
#4 - Flame
#5 - Frosted Copper
#6 - Harvest
#8 - Pink/Orchid
#16 - Blue/Red
#17 - Cardinal Red/Blue
#18 - Brishtest Pink
#19 - Cinnamon Rose
#20 - Elegant Mauve
#21 - Electric Fushia
#22 - Mulberry
#23 - Simply Red
#24 - Salmon
#25 - Dusty Rose
#26 - Mahogany
#27 - Dynamite Red
#28 - Just Gloss
#29 - Iced Mocha
#30 - Passion Berry
#31 - Terra Cotta
#32 - Raisin Rave
#33 - Barely Nude
#34 - White Pearl
#35 Flaxen Blond
#36 - Amaretto
#37 - Brick
#38 - Champagne
#39 - Melon
#40 - Scarlet
#41 - Mink
#42 - Southern Rose
#43 - Plum
#44 - Shimmery Ice
#45 - Icy Mauve
#46 - Cranberry Wine
#47 - Chili Red
#48 - Apricot Glow
#49 - Peach Nectar
#50 - Cappuccino
#51 - Chestnut Wine
#52 - Plum Mauve
#53 - Frosted Amethyst
#54 - Deep Carnation Pink
#56 - Shimmering Rose
#91 - Fawn
#92 - Gold Dust
#93 - Bronze
#94 - Purple Coral
#95 - Pink Frost
#96 - Toner
#99 - Sandy Beach

*Shades May Vary.

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